Get a Military Discount on a Cruise

A cruise is a great way to spend a family vacation. If you’ve never been on one before, you’re missing out on an amazing experience. There are many choices in cruise lines, but they all have several important things in common-like exciting ports of call and activities to please kids, parents, grandparents, and anyone else. And if you’re part of a military family, you might be able to afford a cruise more easily than you think. That’s because most cruise lines offer military discounts. Who Gets A Military Discount? Active and retired military members always qualify for a military discount, and in most cases, reservists and veterans who have completed a minimum number of years of service also qualify for a discount. But that’s not all-spouses and parents of military members can expect to receive discounts on cruise fare as well, and in some cases, cruise lines will offer a reduced rate to other family members and friends that will be traveling with the military member. That doesn’t mean that you can book an entire family reunion at a...

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Cruise Packing Tips for Military Members

The good news is that life in the military, or as part of a military family, can often help prepare you for efficient suitcase packing when traveling. There are few travel experiences where you’ll need that ability more than when you’re taking a cruise. Ship cabins tend to be limited in space, so use your packing skills to make sure that you have everything that you need within the confines of your space allowance. Here are some tips to help you get ready for your cruise. Documents You want to have the documents that you’re going to need for the trip handy at all times, so don’t bury your only copies in the bottom of a large suitcase. Designate a small carry-on bag as the place to keep all of the drivers licenses, military ID cards, boarding passes, tickets for planned onshore activities, passports, itineraries, airline tickets and medical and auto insurance cards that you’ll need for your family. Consider making second copies of all of the important paperwork that can be stored in a suitcase, just in case...

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What to Expect on a Cruise

So, you’ve found a cruise that looks good and you’ve packed your bags in anticipation of the day that you’ll be shipping off. But what can you really expect to do and see while you’re at sea? If you’ve never been on a cruise before and you’re wondering what you’re likely to see on the ship and at your ports of call, here’s a sneak preview. Ship Activities and Amenities Cruise lines do a couple of things very well: they keep their guests well fed and well entertained. Expect to see food everywhere-you’ll have everything from all you can eat buffets to formal dining halls to small specialty restaurants to choose from, not to mention the small cafes and snack areas. It’s not unusual for cruise goers to find that they’ve gained five or ten pounds by the end of the cruise. There will also be plenty to keep yourself occupied during the time at sea. Adult entertainment on a cruise ship can include bars, dance clubs, and casinos. People of all ages can enjoy the swimming pools, movie...

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A Guide to Using Military Cruise Discounts

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Military Cruise Discounts

Cruise lines offer military discounts as a way of selling off their unsold rooms, as well as reaching out to military members and their families.

How to Pack for a Cruise

Making sure that you have all of your documentation should be top priority when you pack for a cruise. You should ensure that your clothing choices reflect the dress code.

What to Do on a Cruise

One thing you won't have to worry about on a cruise is being bored. There are any number of activities on-board and off-board that will keep you busy and entertained.